Monday, May 01, 2006

The Pound Re-Opens

(Blows dust off of the Blogger template and looks around)

Getting re-adjusted to life back home took up a lot of my time - in addition to spotty internet connections, and sheer inertia. But recent stirrings on the Internet have given me an opportunity to reassert myself for... well, I don't know if there's any audience left, but that's probably for the best as I meant this mostly as an online diary for myself anyways.

I haven't kept up with the Christian conference circuit for quite a few years now, but evidently a high-profile one just wrapped up called Together for the Gospel, featuring a lineup of evangelical luminaries such as Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Al Mohler. One of the results of this latest conference is a confessional statement called "The Together For The Gospel Statement" (initial online versions are here and here, but evidently the conference website is going to issue an "authorized version" quite soon). The Tavern has been chatting the document (and the conference) up, and looking the statement over I was interested in jotting down what I thought of it. I was just going to do this on my own computer, but Adrian Warnock has put out a call for bloggers to join him in a systematic analysis of the document once the official version is online. So, I once again take up my ethereal pen and put down my thoughts for no one in particular. ;-}


Blogger pgepps said...

Oh, related to my comment on your next post--looking at this list of name:

Ligon Duncan--heard of him, no idea what he does or where he does it, never read anything except a blog comment by him

Mark Dever--no idea. Heard him mentioned on a blog somewhere. Is he a Southern Baptist?

C. J. Mahaney--heard his name trumpeted in connection with the really, really annoying "boy band Christian" Josh Harris, mostly by Adrian Warnock. He's a Calvinist charismatic, which makes him half-chaotic to MacArthur and radioactive to me. Why should he define the faith for me?

Al Mohler--heard of him. He's Southern Baptist. Sounds like a not-bad guy, in a suits-in-hierarchy kinda way. Don't know anything about him I didn't hear on a blog, either, and don't have any reason to care.

Maybe I should mind what the "Protestant Popes" say, a bit more. I dunno. But I've never been persuaded, yet.


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