Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Taranto's Law

Named after James Taranto, ringmaster of the "Best of the Web" blog at My formulation of it is, "Sooner or later, real life WILL imitate The Onion."

Case in point -

Israelites Sue God for Breach of Covenant - The Onion

Romanian Prisoner Sues God for Failing to Protect Him From the Devil - Pakistan Daily Times

(HT to Mere Comments)


Blogger Nunzia said...

LOL you have to love The Onion

11:55 AM  
Blogger pgepps said...

Now *that's* some good stuff. hehe.

Ever hear of a book called God Owns My Business? Some guy actually did manage to turn himself into a hired employee of a sole proprietorship owned (on paper) by God. I thought it was interesting when I was a teen, though I confess even then I thought "weird" more than anything.

Latest installment's finally up at evanreunion.


6:32 AM  

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