Monday, July 18, 2005

Croonin' to Jesus

OK, this is not going to be all that original a post, but it's been a pet peeve of mine for quite awhile now.

Blame the mavens at Mere Comments for starting it. S. M. Hutchens wrote this piece in response to the waves of emotio-romantic "praise music" that makes up much of evangelical singing these days. Then The Monk added his voice to the chorus. Now, I add mine.

I am a man - at least physiologically, attempting to be one spiritually and mentally. While I am no longer the rockribbed rationalist I was, I am no mystic either. And as a non-mystic man, this style of music really sticks in my craw. Maybe someday, if I have a significant female in my life, I can sing like this to *her*. But am I really expected to address my Lord and Savior - who created me, died for me, and intercedes for me - in these terms? He is a *man*, after all. Men relate to other men differently from the way they relate to women, or so I'm told. And He is still God, after all. This sort of warm-fuzzy assumed relationship doesn't seem to jive with my experience, or with 90+% of the God-man relationships described in the Bible. There are some parallels in the Psalms and the Song of Solomon, but they are but *one theme* among many. Since when did those of us who don't follow this view of our relationship to God lose our say in the church's worship style?

Please - let's have a little less sap in our songs, and a little more solemnity. Just a little. Could it be *that* bad? Please?


Blogger pgepps said...

as Long John Silver would say, "Arrr-men!"

I don't think Song of Solomon is even an example, since it's a duet with chorus between two lovers. Great example of the Epithalamion, or long lyrical composition celebrating a marriage.

If I have to sing about God's breasts, I think I'll have to go with second-class citizen in the Kingdom status.


6:56 AM  
Blogger burttd said...

I was mainly refering to the typological interpretation of SoS - "the groom" = Christ, "the Bride" = the Church. However, I will *not* carry this as far as the medieval mystics did. (Just goes to show that it is generally a good thing to get priests married. ;-} )

BTW, where is your Evangelicals RE:Union post this week?

7:24 AM  
Blogger pgepps said...

Finally made it up. I kept trying to get around to it, but it seemed I was always either (a) away from the computer or (b) asleep. Having a hard time focussing on Frame's argument at this pace--feels like we've gone four chapters on one comment's worth of argument, so far.

2:48 PM  
Blogger pgepps said...

Oh, and Nicholas of Lyra is a delightful read on the Song. :-)

2:49 PM  

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