Sunday, July 31, 2005

Arrakis... Dune... desert planet...

I'm back in San Bernardino county after a week in glorious seaside San Diego. The title words apply. The heat... the oppressive heat... human beings were NOT meant to live here in such large numbers...

In one week I'll be back in DC for a two-week working vacation. It will be "work" as I will have to take my thesis data along and work on it - but a "vacation" in the sense that I will finally see my friends and family for the first time in 7 long agonizing months.

Societas Christiana has reposted an old essay on how Reformed theology should effect our online behavior. On a closely related note, an earlier post deals with the dangers of engaging in too much online controversy. This really rings home to me, as the whole question of open communion came up again at BHT, and generated the same dismal heat-to-light ratio. It seems we can't even talk about stopping our fighting between our denominations, without fighting about it. Sad irony.


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