Friday, June 03, 2005

A Toast to the Low-Minded Christian

Fellow BHTer Judson Heartsill posted this at the BHT. I just had to repeat it here to preserve it for posterity - and for my own sake.

I want to celebrate a character who has the dubious honor of sometimes getting kicked around not only by people like the BHT, but also by people like the Totally Reformed.

I'm talking about the low-minded Christian.

Everybody knows one. Or two.

They send you chain blessing emails. (Send this back to me and 5 other people, or you're a mean pud who doesn't like God). They send you emails PURPORTEDLY by Andy Rooney about how there's pictures of the 10 commandments everywhere in Washington D.C. on buildings.

They probably believe the earth is 6,000 years old.

They're Christians primarily because they don't want to go to hell.

They want to go to heaven primarily to see their grandma.

They watch some TBN occasionally.

They gave you a copy of The Purpose Driven Life.

They're threatening to give you a copy of Your Best Life Now.

If they even know what apologetics is, they probably think it's demeaning to Christians.

They read certain portions of Ephesians and tell you, "Now, I just can't believe that Paul really means what he's saying here on election."

Know the type?

Here's some other facts about some of them.

They believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead -- something only God could have revealed to them.

They watch their tongues.

Singing hymns or praise songs makes their heart leap upwards.

They read their bible every morning at 5:00 AM.

God is using them, right now, to make his will be done on earth.

God bless them.

High-minded Christian: You know a lot. Are you putting all that knowledge to use to serve your Master and your fellow slaves? Or are you using it to stoke your ego? It pleases God to use the weak. Just how weak are you? As weak as your low-minded brethren? I sure hope so.


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