Saturday, May 28, 2005

"Peace, Peace", they cry...

..."when there is no peace." That old phrase from the prophets came to my mind as I was biking home from Chipotle's last night.

Every Friday evening, a small group of protestors sets themselves up in the corner of one of the main intersections of Redlands. They carry signs and hand out petitions supporting "world peace" and decrying how military spending detracts from "health care".

I guess I'm still Calvinistic enough to have a total lack of comprehension for why people think this sort of thing will work. Such groups inevitably appeal to things like "universal brotherhood", rejection of violence, etc. The problem is, these concepts are only valid in the context of God's work in the church. In the church, there is (or should be) no Jew or Gentile, Greek or barbarian, all are brothers. Outside the church, there is tribal and racial hatred - you see the results in Rwanda and East L.A. Christians, in their offical role of ambassadors of Christ, are called to turn the other cheek. Police officers and soldiers (who can also be Christians) cannot turn the other cheek without innocents paying the consequences. For there are men and women on this earth who fear not God, and must taste the sword before they grudgingly submit to the law of men and nations.

And if the secular idea of pacifism is linked to evolutionary ideals ("We ought to be better than this by now!"), all I can say is, they are ignorant of history and human nature. Fine ideas, a liberal education and chanting the stanzas of "Kumbayah" will not reverse the Fall.

There can be no peace, apart from the Gospel. And even then, the final Peace is still to come. But when it comes, who will be found faithful on the earth?


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