Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Heart of Darkness

Mornings are always the worst time for me. Nightmares half-remembered, the worries of the day ahead, waking up to a silent, empty room - I hate mornings.

One thing about all this is that it is a sharp reminder that I am a sinner. I am corrupt. Broken. Unholy. Whatever front I can put on to others after I walk out the door, I cannot hide from the face in the mirror. Or the Lord of heaven.

Looking at the daily digest from the old theology list, I see they are arguing over the atemporality of Christ as related to His incarnation. I once would have dived right into a discussion like that. Now, I have to question how much we can really know about that. Christ did not explain to us how He was God. He just said he IS God.

And on mornings like this, I am less interested in how Christ as God related to God the Father while He was on incarnate on earth, than in whether He's interested in pardoning a wretched sinner like me. Because that is my only hope.


Blogger Martha said...

no words of wisdom, just wanted to say that i am sorry to see you are in a dark place today and that i will keep you in my thoughts.

Thanks for your honesty.

5:36 PM  
Blogger burttd said...

Many thanks. :-)

7:42 PM  

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