Monday, April 11, 2005

The Trouble with Calvin(ists)

The latest article at InternetMonk is quite a read...

Even more striking are some of the responses IMonk makes to the critics of the piece. (See them here...)

I am writing some of them down here because they articulate many of the problems that I have been having with doing theology on the internet (especially the Calvinist version...)

"(T)the theological camps that war on the internet and in real life are primarily made up of people who don't care about the human journey of a person as much as they care about the theological issues and answers that person is able to articulate."

"...Calvinists seem offended at having to listen to someone talk about their LIFE and not just their THEOLOGY. It is the dehumanizing of theology that is turning me out of the Calvinist camp."

"I am not made more human or more loving or more real by the espousing of doctrine. I must live, love, choose and fail to be human."

"(T)here are those who insist (that) nothing matters more than the assertions of Calvinism, which they assume equal the Gospel. I cannot, not because I do not read their texts or know their confession, but because my life situation has made me a different person."


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