Tuesday, April 19, 2005

They make their fringes long...

Two observations today.

One, an excellent piece by Doug Wilson on how Calvinists should debate with others. (Edit - here's another good one.)

Second, James White's website continues its adventures in unintended irony. They're now offering blue rubber bracelets to their subscribers to, quote, "encourage the small but dedicated band that read this blog and who seek to honor God by honoring His truth in their lives and their witness, we have ordered a press run of the very popular rubber-band style wrist bands in royal blue. And what is imprinted on them? Well, for this first run (we might do others, if these go well), I thought the best possible imprint would be, 'No Compromise.' Is that not right where the battle is today?"

Run the title of my post through your concordance, read the verse, and draw your own conclusions...


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