Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Good Lord's Sense of Humor

Sometimes, God shows up in the most mysterious ways.

When I created this blog, it was under the impression that, in all likelihood, nobody but me would be reading it for awhile, if ever. Guess I was wrong.

One comment, and (probably) one hate-mail in 24 hours.

Talk about popularity. ;-}

If that hate-mail came from this blog, and if whoever sent it is still there, here's my reply. (And if not, here's what I think about what the guy said, just for my own benefit).

I am speaking here not out of hatred, but out of frustration. Frustration at the whole way theology is done in America, on and off the web. And I am speaking out of the sure knowledge that I am also part of the problem.

I am frustrated how people can talk right past each other in issues of eternal import.

I am frustrated at how quickly the talk turns ugly.

I am frustrated at... well, how fallen we all are.

I have been re-reading one of my commentaries on Pascal, just for these reasons. Pascal has a wonderful way of cutting through the cattle manure that so often passes for philosophy (both in and outside of theology) and getting to the point. Pascal's main point here would be that we humans are both divine and devilish - we have been given the reason and self-awareness that makes true communion with God possible, and we turn those gifts inward upon ourselves (and against each other) in pride and rebellion. And certainly theology is not immune to those pitfalls.

I have studied and thought long and hard on such things. Indeed, as I alluded to in my last post, once upon a time I believed I wanted to be a theologian - a professor of theology to be precise. But God has a way of turning one's life upside down, does He not? I guess my biggest frustration is not having an outlet for all this theological steam. Thus, this online primal scream.

Which, according to Pascal, is also vanity. :-/

Kyrie elesion.


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